Made up of premium PU leather boxing gloves along with excellent glove construction provides long lasting durability and functionality.
Modern pro boxing gloves are designed to secure the fighter’s hand during a fight, competitions, sparring, muay thai training
and these two pairs of boxing gloves kids are perfect match as kids kickboxing gloves for girls. Correct positioning of your fist and knuckle makes the gloves feel more comfortable.
These boxing bag gloves have a large Velcro wrist strap that ensures plenty of wrist pading.


  • Breathability with added Pinholes kids punching gloves.
  • Hi-Tech Performance kid boxing gloves.
  • Durability and functionality with a 5 Year Warranty girls boxing gloves set .
  • Multi-layered foam padding kids punching bag gloves / boxing kit.
  • Attractive hawk printing kids gloves fighting gloves children.
  • Double stitched kids mma gloves.
  • Thumb lock feature for safety heavy bag gloves.
  • Premium synthetic leather sparring gloves.
  • Foam padding in the palm to hit punching bags.
  • Hook & Loop with Velcro Closure muay thai gloves for kids.